About Robert Nagorski

Potter and Ceramist in Cornwall

Born in South London, Robert attended school in Putney and later served in the Royal Air Force Regiment for six and a half years. From continental lorry driver to many catering positions he opened his heart to art.

Realizing his love of Art and Design, a change of direction took place in 1997 when he decided to take an  1 year Access course in multi-media at Lambeth College. After completing this course successfully Robert was given an unconditional offer for a BA (hons) Studio Ceramics course at Falmouth College of Arts and so began his Love of Cornwall, which is reflected beautifully in his work today.

Robert makes functional and ornamental stoneware/porcelain items. The alchemist in him is utilized in his creation of food safe glazes that portray the essence of the Cornish coastline and its rugged countryside.

Owning a piece of Roberts work is having a part of the inspiring beauty of Cornwall in your home for you to enjoy everyday.

His clay is from W.J Doble clay pit St Agnes, Cornwall and ALL glazes are hand made in his studio Penryn.